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 Cleaning Carpet London

Let me tell you a story! Starring: you and your filthy carpet. How does it sound to you? You don't want your carpet to be dirty, right? You deserve flawless domestic elements, there is no doubt about that. No problem, our professional London carpet cleaning company will help you change the scenario. One phone call on 020 3455 6996 is enough and you will be the star in a completely different movie. Just imagine yourself stepping on fresh and perfectly cleaned rug! Do you feel the pleasure with your feet? Moreover - your kids are playing on the carpet and you’re not worried about their safety.

You know that dust is accumulated in the carpet and later it's spread in the air you and your family breathe. If you are ready to object and to remind us that you vacuum clean your rugs once or twice a week, hold on for a while! Bacteria, allergens and pathogens are extremely resistant creatures and they can survive your superficial hoovering with ease. Therefore, experts recommend to rely on deeper London carpet cleaning methods every once in a while.

Carpet Cleaning London is your faithful partner in the fight with dirtiness and microbes, embedded in the fabric of your rugs. Our expert London carpet cleaning team applies comprehensive methods and strong, but non-toxic detergents. Our London carpet cleaning specialists accomplish steam and dry carpet cleaning, depending on the material of the rug. As a result, all the persistent stains, bacteria, dust and clutter are eliminated. In addition, the fabric is protected from loosening, discoloration and structural damage. What about this kind of London carpet cleaning scenario? Do you like it?

Remember, that only perfectly trained London carpet cleaners perform the carpet cleaning sessions. They are vetted and insured, so you can be calm, that your carpet is in good hands. Entrust us your dirty rug, before deciding to get rid of it! We'll do our best to save it and to return its impeccable look. Whether you are home or business owner in London, you can unreservedly rely on us for professional London carpet cleaning services and efficient upholstery cleaning sessions.

Neatness influences the first impression of your home and office. Therefore all the carpets and upholstered items should be periodically deep cleaned, in order to keep them in good condition as long as possible. We at Carpet Cleaning London have formed an excellent team of London carpet cleaning professionals, who are prepared for any situation with advanced equipment and latest innovations in cleaning detergents. Our partners are leading companies, whose cleaning products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe.

At Cleaning Carpet London you will find dedicated and attentive workers, who would do their best to meet all of your London carpet cleaning requirements. London carpet cleaners conduct quality carpet and upholstery cleaning, using powerful technology. Besides one off London carpet cleaning services, we could also design an overall maintenance plan for periodic thorough clean of the carpets in any flat, house, office, public or commercial building in London.

You can book professional London carpet cleaning as a single service or you can combine it with another specialised service, depending on your needs. For example end of tenancy cleaning procedure.

The process of steam carpet cleaning goes through the following London carpet cleaning stages:

  • Thorough vacuuming to remove any solid dirt particles;
  • Pre-treating the heavily soiled and high traffic areas with special solution;
  • Injecting hot water and detergent under high pressure;
  • Extracting the water together with the dirt and grime;
  • Disinfecting against allergens and bacteria;
  • Final phase of our London carpet cleaning: deodorising for fresh scent.

The process of dry carpet cleaning goes through the following stages:

  • Special dry cleanser, similar to bran in its texture, is rubbed into the fabric /this technique is applied on filthy natural, delicate, decorative, antique materials/.
  • Due to the provoked chemical reaction, all the dirt and microbes are removed.
  • Finally the new formed substance, containing detergent and filth, is vacuumed off. No moisturising, no risk of loosening or eventual structural damage.

If you need any more information, pre-inspection or you would like to book some of our London carpet cleaning services, call our helpful customer representatives on 020 3455 6996! Or send us your enquiry and London carpet cleaners will be happy to assist you.

Delivering high quality London carpet cleaning services, especially for you, is our mission! That's why you can always be sure that the whole work will be done perfectly by Carpet Cleaning London company.


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