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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets are usually some of the most expensive items in your home or office. When they are in perfect condition, they bring gorgeous ambiance and show a great sense of personal style. Our experienced carpet cleaning company provides specially tailored sanitising packages for your dirty rugs. You know that factors like foot traffic, pet soil, furniture dents and spillages damage and contaminate your carpet little by little. Therefore our expert carpet cleaners will come on site in your lovely dwelling to restore the impeccable hygiene of your favorite carpets via efficient carpet cleaning procedures.

Keep in mind, that our convenient carpet cleaning services are accomplished with non-toxic and eco-friendly cleansers. In addition our skillful carpet cleaners have heavy-duty equipment at their disposal. There is no risk of structural damages, because our reliable carpet cleaning company applies only tested and harmless disinfected methods.

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Depending on the fabric of your rugs, our friendly carpet cleaners accomplish:

  • Deep steam carpet cleaning - our hot water extraction method is performed by our trained and vetted carpet cleaners with usage of the latest technology. After thorough hoovering aiming to remove the accumulated solid dirt particles, the carpet is pre-sprayed for stains, heavily-soiled areas and high-traffic zones. Purified heated water mixed with efficient and non-hazardous detergent is then injected under very high pressure deeply into your carpet. Thus impurities, grime and allergens are successfully attacked by our expert carpet cleaners. The next stage, performed by our insured carpet cleaners, is extracting the water and the dirtiness back in the machinery, leaving your carpet clean and fresh, with revived original colours. Complete drying within a couple of hours is guaranteed. Cleaned areas may be treated upon your request with Scotchgard Carpet Protector.
  • Comprehensive dry carpet cleaning - make sure that our reliable carpet cleaning services offer solution for your stained and filthy delicate carpets too. When decorative, natural or antique materials need sanitising, our carpet cleaners apply dry absorbent detergent, reminding bran in its consistency. This substance is spread equally over the dusty carpet and soon after that it reacts with the embedded soil and bacteria by attracting them on the surface. Then, our insured and vetted carpet cleaners vacuum everything altogether off.

Our carpet cleaning services always give awesome final results no matter which disinfecting method is used. In addition, our carpet cleaning company applies budget-friendly price policy, so expect high-standard carpet cleaning services at cheap and competitive costs.

Give us a call on 020 3455 6996 or send us your enquiry and we will contact you immediately! Remember: you are just a phone call away from our affordable and efficient carpet cleaning services!

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"Your team really did a wonderful job, and the place looks great. Thanks again!"

Charles, Wimbledon

" I had my windows cleaned yesterday. They are just sparkling! Thanks a lot."

Nick, Tooting

"It was very hard to find a company that covers our area for regular clean - we are so happy with our cleaner and will recommend her to our neighbours here."

Nick, Morden