Green Clean Your Upholstery

eco-friendly upholstery cleaningMany people are going green as they are aware of the consequences of using chemicals. Both people and the environment are endangered when hazardous compounds are used on a daily basis. One of the common mistakes that many homeowners do is to assume that their upholstery is clean because there are not visible signs of dirt and grimes on its surface. In reality, if you have used your furniture for a couple of months, it definitely needs some sanitising. Continue reading

9 Areas To Clean If You Get Sick

9 areas to clean when you get sickBeing sick is really unpleasant, especially if you have planned a family gathering, vacation or you have an important project to finish at work. Unfortunately, sometimes your immune system cannot handle the stress, the viruses in the air and the poor diet. The situation gets even worse if you work in the customer service sphere and you meet hundreds of people every day. Continue reading

How To Remove Barbecue Sauce Stains From Any Surface

Barbecue sauce stain removalMaintaining your household spick and span undoubtedly requires a lot of dedication and determination. Actually, those who can take pride in having a spotless bathroom, neat living room and tidy bedroom are few. If you have a full-time job and several errands to run after work, achieving the ideal cleanliness is a tough task. Continue reading

Burn Extra Calories While Doing Your Spring Cleaning!

work out while doing house choresIf you don’t have enough time to hit the gym you can efficiently turn your household chores into a workout! Recent research shows that women spend at least 2 hours daily cleaning and tidying up at home. Burning calories without leaving their home is a huge opportunity for busy ladies who don’t have free time for going to the gym. As the cold months are almost gone you know the time for Spring cleaning is about to come – burn extra calories while performing the household tasks regularly and putting more effort in them. Two birds with one stone – you will keep yourself fit and your house will be sparkling! Read on and see how many calories common household chores burn and few extra tips. Continue reading

How To Avoid Ironing – Smart Tips

How To Avoid Ironing - Smart TipsDo you know that there are women who don’t think, that housework is a burden, but just the opposite – a way to relax? When these women are angry, sad or nervous, instead of eating chocolate ice cream or chatting on the phone with friends, they begin to clean, cook or iron and this helps them calm down. There are really extreme cases when a woman may feel almost physical pain, looking at a stain on the carpet or wrinkled clothes. However, these people are an exception and for most women ironing is certainly one of the most hated household chores. According to experts, applying some simple tricks in washing and drying your clothes may help you forget about the iron and the annoying wrinkled shirts. Check them out now: Continue reading

Common Mistakes While Decorating And How To Avoid Them

How To Avoid Decoration MistakesNot being a professional interior decorator means that these mistakes are likely to happen at your home. However, no one would judge you – sometimes we are confused and don’t have  clear idea in our heads which may result in some shameful, yet hilarious outcomes. But don’t worry – once you are aware of the most common decorating mistakes you won’t commit them again. Continue reading

5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Carpets

carpet maintenance tipsBelieve it or not, ensuring your carpet’s impeccable condition doesn`t require great efforts. A lot of people think it is a high-maintenance object. Actually, in order to keep it clean, you should not do such demanding tasks. However, it still needs some care – it should be treated with respect. Yet, there are some things you should certainly not do to your carpet. Read on to see how to keep it beautifully looking. Continue reading

4 Cleaning Resolutions That Make A Big Difference

4 small tasks of everyday housekeepingWhen it comes to keeping the house neat and tidy, many people tend to spend a great part of their day off in cleaning instead of performing a small cleaning task every day. To a certain extent, that’s understandable. When you get back home after a tiresome day at the office, you have neither the motivation nor the time to start scrubbing the bathroom or sweeping the floor. Yet, you can make your house cleaning chores less time consuming by doing the following: Continue reading