Burn Extra Calories While Doing Your Spring Cleaning!

work out while doing house choresIf you don’t have enough time to hit the gym you can efficiently turn your household chores into a workout! Recent research shows that women spend at least 2 hours daily cleaning and tidying up at home. Burning calories without leaving their home is a huge opportunity for busy ladies who don’t have free time for going to the gym. As the cold months are almost gone you know the time for Spring cleaning is about to come – burn extra calories while performing the household tasks regularly and putting more effort in them. Two birds with one stone – you will keep yourself fit and your house will be sparkling! Read on and see how many calories common household chores burn and few extra tips.

  • Let’s start with doing the dishes – you should not worry when you see a pile of pots and pans overflowing in the kitchen sink. Do you know that you burn about 160 calories when you scrub those greasy plates for 30 minutes? Maybe you will also be surprised by the fact that loading the dishwasher burns about 105 calories for half an hour. See, doing the dishes the old-fashioned way is not that bad!
  • Cleaning the floors at home is a really efficient way to burn calories – if you give a good scrub to your kitchen floor this Spring you will burn about 400 calories per hour. This will tone your shoulders and arms – try switching arms halfway through the scrubbing. If you don’t like the idea of vigorous scrubs you will burn about 150 calories per hour while mopping a dirty floor. How many calories will you burn while you clean your carpet? Booking a professional carpet cleaning procedure seems a tempting option as your carpet will look brand new without you sweating around but you will burn zero calories. Grab the vacuum cleaner and you will burn about 100 calories for half an hour. This chore will tone both your arms and legs – don’t forget to switch arms so you work on them equally. By performing the good old sweeping you will burn off 135 calories for a 30-minute session.
  • Doing the laundry may quickly become your favourite chore as the whole process of putting the laundry in the washer and the folding may burn more than 200 calories! If your laundry needs to be ironed you will burn extra 140 calories. You will tone and strengthen your arm muscles while performing this household chore.
  • You may also find cleaning your windows and polishing surfaces less tedious now – washing the windows not only is great for letting more sunlight in this Spring but wiping them down will burn about 250 calories per hour. While you are cleaning your windows you do motions that tone your shoulders, arms and back – again don’t forget to switch arms. To give you the idea how many calories you actually burn – an hour of cleaning windows equals to about 40 minutes of power yoga.
  • Polishing, dusting and making the bed are a great exercise for toning your arms. Dusting can be even done while you are sitting if you are a back injury sufferer and you will still burn 50 calories for every half an hour of doing it.
  • What about other household chores that you should perform this Spring? For instance, scrubbing the tub and other bath surfaces will burn about 90 calories only 15 minutes! Removing stubborn soap scum will tone your shoulders and arms! What about rearranging your wardrobe? Moving around clothes can burn about 85 calories. Speaking of moving, if you are planning to rearrange your furniture you will burn about 100 calories just in 15 minutes. Even when you carry your shopping bags from the supermarket you will burn almost 200 calories for half an hour. Generally being a diligent housewife and regularly performing domestic cleaning will keep you in good shape and your house in impeccable condition!
  • Now it’s time for some extra tips on burning more calories while you do your household chores. Our first tip is to make yourself weigh more – you can use ankle weights or a weighted vest. Adding more weight means burning more calories. Imagine that you are vacuuming or cleaning the windows with weights – this counts for a power workout! However, you should be careful because you may harm yourself if you push yourself too much. Our second advice is to keep your body temperature cooler because you will burn more calories to stay warm. You can do your cleaning tasks in shorts and a t-shirt and you will easily turn the tedious chores into an efficient workout!

Turn your household chores into nice workouts this Spring. While keeping your home spick and span you will burn calories and keep your body in a good shape! A deep Spring cleaning is a good excuse to skip your gym workout – you will probably burn as many calories while scrubbing your bathroom!

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