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How To Avoid Ironing – Smart Tips

How To Avoid Ironing - Smart TipsDo you know that there are women who don’t think, that housework is a burden, but just the opposite – a way to relax? When these women are angry, sad or nervous, instead of eating chocolate ice cream or chatting on the phone with friends, they begin to clean, cook or iron and this helps them calm down. There are really extreme cases when a woman may feel almost physical pain, looking at a stain on the carpet or wrinkled clothes. However, these people are an exception and for most women ironing is certainly one of the most hated household chores. According to experts, applying some simple tricks in washing and drying your clothes may help you forget about the iron and the annoying wrinkled shirts. Check them out now: Continue reading

4 Cleaning Resolutions That Make A Big Difference

4 small tasks of everyday housekeepingWhen it comes to keeping the house neat and tidy, many people tend to spend a great part of their day off in cleaning instead of performing a small cleaning task every day. To a certain extent, that’s understandable. When you get back home after a tiresome day at the office, you have neither the motivation nor the time to start scrubbing the bathroom or sweeping the floor. Yet, you can make your house cleaning chores less time consuming by doing the following: Continue reading

Top Tips for tenants – Keeping The Carpets Clean And Fresh

Keeping the carpets clean and freshTenant life could be easy, stress-free and wonderful if you follow some specific rules and show a good behaviour. Mainly, a landlord wants nothing else but keeping his property in a decent and proper condition. Of course, the hygiene is a top factor to achieve this task! What gathers dirtiness and dust at most in a house is the rug, so pay some special attention to it, when you live on rent. See our top tips for tenants that will help you keep the carpets clean and fresh: Continue reading

6 Wonderful Carpet Ideas For Your Home

Carpet ideasDon’t spoil your mood, but cheer up with our brilliant tips, when it comes the time to choosing a carpet. You cannot even imagine how amazing your house or a single room might become with a single rug or even a doormat. Simply, get inspired by the following 6 wonderful carpet ideas for your home and make it more welcoming and stylish:

  • Get an extra bright colour. Even if the rug has no decoration or pattern, if it is in wine red, fuchsia, purple or reseda, any bedroom or living room will become more attractive and fascinating. Browse the web for woollen carpets and check out the latest fashion trends in carpet nuances.

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Can Water Make Stains On Your Carpet?

Water stains on carpetIt is undisputable fact that water is the most qualitative and necessary resource on the planet. It is also well-known that water is something we cannot live without and something that is beneficial for almost all kinds of stuff we do every day – including cleaning at home. However, you may not know, but sometimes water can be harmless. Furthermore – water can make stains on your carpet. Did you know that? Are you aware that the base of your best cleansing solutions is actually a dirt-maker? Yes, as a matter of fact, you have to be very attentive about water and about applying it on the carpet. See more information in details about this extraordinary fact: Continue reading

Recycling Of Carpets – Does It Exist?

Recycling of carpetsThousands of household items we use every day in our lives have been going through a strict recycling process all the time. According to the EU-based eco laws, there are lists of obligatory and recommended things that should or must be recycled. As for now, it’s not mandatory to give carpets for recycling, but if you care about the planet we all live on, you should consider about giving your old carpets to the companies and people, who are authorised to recycle them. See more about this: Continue reading