Common Mistakes While Decorating And How To Avoid Them

How To Avoid Decoration MistakesNot being a professional interior decorator means that these mistakes are likely to happen at your home. However, no one would judge you – sometimes we are confused and don’t have  clear idea in our heads which may result in some shameful, yet hilarious outcomes. But don’t worry – once you are aware of the most common decorating mistakes you won’t commit them again.

  • Putting too many pillows around at first may seem like a good idea. They add comfort and cosiness to your room. On the contrary, when there are too many of them on your sofa you will barely have a place to sit. Limit the number of the pillows to three – if you really enjoy having more, you can place them in a small basket around the couch. It will definitely add an interesting touch to your living room.
  • It’s weird how many people don’t test their paint before applying it. Paint colours can drastically vary depending on how natural light will change the hue during the day. Invest in few paint colour samples and see which you will like the most. You can even paint a small sample square on your wall and check if the colour is appropriate.
  • No one like stains so a lot of people prefer to use some covers for their furniture. However, if you really want to stay up-to-date you should forget about these old ugly canvas covers and take care of your sofa. You can’t just cover the couch and assume you don’t need upholstery cleaning – not only your living room would look awkward with these covers but running deep cleaning is essential, too. Many pollens and allergens are collected in your upholstery. Just covering your sofa won’t help you to get rid of them – you will only get distasteful looks.
  • It’s really important for a room to have one focal point. Of course, sometimes its architecture makes it unworkable to have only one but try to limit them when possible. Otherwise, having multiple focal points won’t leave your eyes a place to rest. Combine this with adequate lightning. Make sure you provide an appropriate mix of tasks, ambient and accent lighting and place lights on different levels throughout the rooms.
  • Always make sure you pay the best you can afford when buying furniture. Buying cheap furniture usually pays in for quality later. However, this works for the crucial pieces of furniture. If you want to follow trends, you can buy inexpensive ones so if this trendy piece wears off sooner or later you can just change it the next season or whenever you notice a new trend coming. Investing in renovation projects means that you should determine whether you will actually return the investment. Another thing you should have in mind is that buying furniture which you think eventually will increase in value is not recommendable. No one can guarantee you this and you may be disappointed with this pricey antique you have bought.
  • Needless to say, before starting your decoration project you should consider your lifestyle. Be honest with you – don’t buy this fancy little coffee table if you like to eat in front of the sofa and browse the Internet – it would be a beautiful accent but it would be impractical for your needs. The same goes when you buy massive furniture – buying deluxe sofa may seem appealing at first. However, if you cuddle with your pets, drink your coffee and put your feet up while sitting on it may decrease its lifespan drastically. On first place, make sure your furniture suits your personal needs. If you don’t spend so much time on the couch, go for a more fancy option, but always decorate according to your lifestyle.
  • When decorating, too much of anything leads to unappealing results. For instance, picking up wood tones. You should limit yourself to one prime tone and combine it with its hues. Don’t ever combine orange undertones with red – the effect is far from alluring. Keep them all in the same colour family but use their different varieties. In the same line of thoughts, too many patterns is distracting and confusing – don’t just pick random patterns you like and try to make it work for your room. Choose one carefully and use it highlight your favourite features in the room.
  • A lot of people like to have personal photos on display.  Well, this is not a bad thing, go for it! However, displaying large family, pregnancy or engagement portraits can make your guests feel really uncomfortable. Instead of hanging large portraits on your wall, go for several small ones or a photo collage. It will look more stylish in a less intrusive way for your visitors. The same applies to your plants – having big plants will overtake the space not to mention that they tend to collect a lot of dust and will make your house cleaning even more tedious task. Aim for smaller versions which can complement your room and will make it look more spacious.
  • When you start your decorating project you should never rush to do everything in one day. Take your time to decide and find out which will be the best solution for you. Your room will naturally evolve as the time passes so don’t finish it all at once – sleep over your decisions! Another thing that a lot of people neglect is treating every room as a separate unit and decorating them in different styles. Your rooms should somehow relate to each other so your home doesn’t feel jumbled. You don’t want to be disappointed with the end results so pay attention to these details!

Consider these mistakes and never again commit those decorating crimes when you take up your new project!

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