How To Avoid Ironing – Smart Tips

How To Avoid Ironing - Smart TipsDo you know that there are women who don’t think, that housework is a burden, but just the opposite – a way to relax? When these women are angry, sad or nervous, instead of eating chocolate ice cream or chatting on the phone with friends, they begin to clean, cook or iron and this helps them calm down. There are really extreme cases when a woman may feel almost physical pain, looking at a stain on the carpet or wrinkled clothes. However, these people are an exception and for most women ironing is certainly one of the most hated household chores. According to experts, applying some simple tricks in washing and drying your clothes may help you forget about the iron and the annoying wrinkled shirts. Check them out now:

  • Choosing the correct washing program is very important. There are many different programs which vary depending on the type of the fabric and the level of contamination. Many housewives do not comply with these specifics and later they have problems with faded colours and numerous wrinkles on their clothes. You have to be aware, that unless there are stubborn stains, all clothing can be washed at low temperature. Hot water shrinks tissues and wears fibres. Furthermore – it spends extra energy. When it comes to bed linen, expert house cleaners say, that you can already use hot water in order to get rid of all germs, pathogens and allergens.
  • Usage of appropriate washing powder and fabric softener. Many housewives use more detergent in order to achieve better final results. This is not necessary. Experts advise you to use a small amount of detergent in order to avoid marks on the fabric. It is also good to replace softener, which shortens the life of clothes, with vinegar or citric acid. Their action against limescale relaxes the fibres of the clothes and prevents them from shrinking. Many of you will object by claiming that fabric softeners smell great and really soften the materials. However, it’s important to be informed before forming your final opinion.
  • Do not overload the washing machine. This is another very important step, that will help you not only to avoid ironing, but also to keep your clothes for longer. When you are loading the washing machine, do not fill to the end and leave a few inches of air between the clothes and the top of the drum. Besides that, do not forget to close all the buttons and zippers to prevent entanglements or tears.
  • laundry drying n hangersNext stage – you must pay special attention to drying. Stretch the laundry immediately after washing, no matter how tired you feel. It is important to not leave laundry in the machine after the end of the program. While clothes are still wet, they crease extremely quickly, and in the small space of the drum of a washing machine – it’s an inevitable process. In addition, you have to shake clothes at least 2-3 times before you leave them to dry. This will take away part of the water and will help the garment to take its usual form. Using hangers is also recommended especially when it comes to drying shirts. For this purpose, it is best to use wooden or plastic hangers. Position the right shoulder of the shirt on the rack and fasten buttons. Don’t forget to release the hem of pants. Before stretching of pants and jeans, press the hem by hand and hang it neatly with a few pinches.
  • Lightweight clothing from synthetic materials does not need much drying time. In winter, you can apply the following trick: put the garment on a hanger in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. Hot steam will flatten all the wrinkles, formed during the laundry and the fabric will look just as recently ironed. You have to know that the power of hot steam is amazing. When it’s used under big pressure, even your stained carpet will be flawlessly cleaned. Perhaps you have heard about professional steam carpet cleaning procedures.
  • Sheets and tablecloths. When it comes to sheets and tablecloths, it is best to proceed as follows: fold the fabric in two by smoothing the creases formed and then hang.
  • The clothes, that are already dry should be folded on time. If you miss this step, all the efforts you put until this moment will be useless. So, fold the dry clothes immediately! When you fold the clothes, you should flatten the fabric with your hands as you perform manipulation on a firm, stable surface such as a kitchen table.
  • And last, but not least – pay attention to the label, when shopping.

During the next shopping tour, when it comes to clothes selection, rely on the combination of cotton and elastane or just 100% cotton. These fabrics are easy for natural ironing. Experts advise you to avoid synthetic fabrics such as polyester. They receive too many wrinkles during washing.

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