How To Remove Barbecue Sauce Stains From Any Surface

Barbecue sauce stain removalMaintaining your household spick and span undoubtedly requires a lot of dedication and determination. Actually, those who can take pride in having a spotless bathroom, neat living room and tidy bedroom are few. If you have a full-time job and several errands to run after work, achieving the ideal cleanliness is a tough task. Anyway, stain removal is among the key cleaning techniques you need to acquire. A greasy stain on the carpet might ruin the good impression, not to mention the embarrassment you feel when you invite guests for the first time. Depending on the type of the stain, you need to adopt a different approach towards its removal. In this article, we will focus on removal of barbecue stains from different surfaces. Along with ink and blood, barbecue sauce stains are the worst nightmare of every homeowner. So, let’s get started.

  • So, you had a delicious meal and all of a sudden, you notice a terrible stain on your favourite blouse or a pair of jeans? The most important thing is to act immediately and scrape off as much of the sauce as possible. Treat the fabrics with cold water and apply a few drops of a dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent onto the affected area. Rub gently, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse. Then, you have to slightly dampen a soft cloth with vinegar and apply to the stain. Rinse and proceed with your standard laundry procedure. If the stain is too stubborn, soak the piece of clothing into warm water prior to washing.
  • Removing barbecue sauce stains from upholstery is performed in a similar manner, but you have to be familiar with a few details. Unfortunately, sauce stains can be completely removed only by professionals in upholstery cleaning, but if you act immediately, you can make it less visible. You are advised to get a special stain remover and use it as soon as possible in such situations. After you scrape as much sauce as you can from the fabrics, go ahead and make a solution of a cup of cold water and a few drops of a dishwashing liquid dissolved in it. Apply to the stain by using a soft cloth, blot carefully and rinse. If needed, you can repeat the steps one more time. You are probably well-aware of the wonderful cleaning properties of white vinegar, but you have to be cautious when it comes to the upholstery as it might cause discoloration. The less risky option for the fabric is to blot the stain with few drops of hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water.
  • Here comes yet another big trouble for everyone who is desperately trying to keep their house stain and germ-free- namely removal of barbecue sauce stains from the carpet. You can simply repeat the stain removal technique applicable for upholstery but if it does not help you have two options. You can either arrange a professional carpet cleaning service or make yet another attempt to remedy the situation on your own. Make a solution of two cups of lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of ammonia and apply onto the stain. It is essential to know that all your efforts will turn a complete waste of time if you use ammonia and vinegar one after another. The reason is that the vinegar falls under the category of acids, while ammonia is a base and the end result will definitely be far from successful.
  • Today customers are lucky to have a plethora of stain removal solutions at their disposal, but things were pretty different a few decades ago. At that time, bleach was one of the few methods for treating stains. If you have stained a white piece of clothing, it would not hurt if you apply some bleach. If your blouse has a colourful pattern, using bleach is not recommended, but instead of giving up, you can use some lemon juice and salt. Both ingredients are well-known for their amazing properties when it comes to lifting grease from fabrics and surfaces.
  • In case you notice a splash of barbecue sauce on a leather or suede surface, you have to do the following: dissolve a few drops of dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water and swish, so a great volume of suds is created. Get a sponge and apply only the foam to the affected area. Then, wipe dry with a soft cloth.

The aforementioned stain removal solutions work well when you have to remove spaghetti or steak stains, so don’t forget to try them the next time you face such an issue. Remember that the sooner you act, the higher your chances of a complete removal of the stain are.

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