How To Buy Furniture At Sales

Tips for cheaper furniture shoppingBuying new furniture is, without a doubt, a pricey purchase. Before buying most people conduct a thorough research rather than making a trip to the nearest store and buying the first item they like. However, have you ever thought of a method for saving money and getting a piece of furniture you actually like? No, it does not mean buying the cheapest item, you just have to keep a close eye on the sales that go on at the end of every season: Continue reading

Tips To Protect The Upholstery Of Your Sofa From The Cat

How to protect the upholstery from catYou love your precious furry friend – a cat can be the greatest company, peacefully laying on your lap, purring and waiting to be petted. But how to protect your home from the mess that follows the owning of an indoor cat? Check these tips out and your house will look spotless. Continue reading

How To Remove Sour Milk Odours From Carpet

How to get rid of milk smell Carpets are often compared to a sponge as they absorb different odours. Smell of tobacco and foods is especially difficult to eliminate. If you have ever smelled sour milk, you know how unpleasant it is. Things get even worse if you have to remove a sour milk smell from your carpet or your car. How many times you felt embarrassed when you invite friends to come over and ask them to excuse you for the terrible smell. Continue reading

Choose The Sofa According To Your Interior Style

How to choose a sofaLet’s talk about the ‘King’ of the living room, namely the sofa! As the most used piece of furniture in the most used room, it should meet some basic requirements: comfort, functionality, a vision that fits the home interior. Let’s look at the main interior styles and the couches that suit them: Continue reading

Stains Which Can’t Be Removed With Homemade Cleaning Solutions

How to remove stubborn stainsThere are spots that can be removed completely with natural remedies. And this is the perfect way which is harmless for you, for the tissues and for the environment. Unfortunately, you cannot always use this approach. For the fight with the most stubborn stains, there are some tricks, but they will not do all the work. Continue reading

4 Reasons To Book Professional Sofa Cleaning

Sofa cleaning tipsYou have just bought a new, expensive sofa and you are happy to invite your friends and family to visit you and feel comfortable sitting on your new piece of furniture. Well, in the first couple of months, you might not notice any wear and tear but have you ever thought about the future maintenance of your sofa? Many people tend to underestimate the importance of regular sofa cleaning. Continue reading

Remove Old Carpet Stains Without Toxic Detergents!

How to remove carpet stainsDo not throw away your carpet, only because it has stains that seem difficult to remove. Before you reach for strong, chemical detergents, which contain all sorts of poisonous ingredients, try to remove stains with natural resources. Baking soda is known as a multi-purpose tool for cleaning the house, which is completely harmless to animals and small children. It is used for cleaning all surfaces, especially if you want to use a natural abrasive ingredient. Continue reading

5 Things You Did Not Know About Carpet Cleaning

What you don`t know about carpet cleaningCarpets play an important part of the great appearance of every room. Interior designers pay special attention to the carpets for a reason. A well-chosen carpet can make every living room lively and welcoming. However, carpets require regular care. Many people believe that the weekly hovering is enough but in point of fact, it is a small part of everything you need to do. Below, you will find some interesting facts, related to carpet maintenance. Some of them might seem ridiculous to you but they are actually foolproof methods for prolonging the lifespan of the carpet. Continue reading

4 Great Advantages Of Relying On Carpets To Cover Your Floor

4 great advantages of relying on carpets to cover your floor - Part 1There is hardly a home nowadays without carpets. Rugs have a long history, they are so popular and comfortable, that we even take them for granted. There is a great variety of fabrics, patterns, shapes and colour combinations. Carpets may be comfortable, affordable, eco-friendly, and attractive floor covering alternative. Read our article and find out the reasons why:   Continue reading