Recycling Of Carpets – Does It Exist?

Recycling of carpetsThousands of household items we use every day in our lives have been going through a strict recycling process all the time. According to the EU-based eco laws, there are lists of obligatory and recommended things that should or must be recycled. As for now, it’s not mandatory to give carpets for recycling, but if you care about the planet we all live on, you should consider about giving your old carpets to the companies and people, who are authorised to recycle them. See more about this: Continue reading

Create Summer Atmosphere Through Proper Carpet Styles

Proper carpet stylesSummer is almost here and if you have not celebrated it yet, here is our free deal – make an awesome atmosphere with a home addition to your interior! The best and the easiest thing you can do is to get a great carpet and add some absolutely new living space by changing the floor surface only! See our recommendations for a carpetstyle that will fit the summer freshness and mood right now:

  • Vintage-styled carpets are still very popular and widespread in the stores. Besides, they are always decorated in a lovely summer style, so the choice will not be difficult at all. You can add some cheerful mood with a Vintage rug in the kitchen or even in your bedroom.

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Once And For All Cope With The Urine Stains On Your Carpet

Deal with the urine stains on the carpetUrine stains can be very annoying if they are made on your carpet. Whether they are from a baby, or from the sweet pet, they soak extremely fast into the fibres of the rug and the nasty smell spreads in a second. Thus, it usually seems that the entire house is actually covered with urine spots and awful fragrance.

Though, we are ready to help you with a bunch of tips that will be very useful for you. Apply them and cope with the urine stains on your carpet once and for all: Continue reading

Your Home Carpet Says What Person You Are

Your home carpet says what person you arePsychology and interior experts have teamed up together to make a really intriguing research. It turns out that your home carpet says what person type you are. Sounds a bit odd, isn’t it? But the conclusions we have read from this inquiry seem really logical and interesting. If this has aroused your own curiosity, too, read more about the research, compare your carpet preferences and ways of rug maintenance you use, so you can find out some new things about your character: Continue reading

The Hallway Area – Make It Really Cosy!

Hallway areaWhat creates the first impression of your sweet home? The passageway, of course. When the visitors go inside, they will look around your entrance area, while they undress their coats. Exactly in these initial moments, it’s great to impress your guests with a lovely and fresh hallway. In this article, you will find some interesting suggestions of how to achieve a snug and pleasant passageway with minimal efforts and costs. Here they are:

  • Is it necessary to underline that neatness and tidiness are compulsory? This is the face of your home, it must be organised and welcoming. Pay special attention while dusting little ornaments, attractive statuettes and picture frames. A neat entrance area will invite your guests better than saying “Make yourself comfortable!”

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Efficacious Techniques For Carpet Sanitising

Techniques for carpet cleaningCarpet disinfecting may seem to you an absolutely feasible mission – easy and fast, but actually, it’s not the whole truth. Simple washing the rug and drying it are not the only procedures you should arrange when you demand a flawless carpet for your sweet home. Let us be completely honest with you – efficient carpet cleaning techniques must comply with the type of rug material, your budget and your individual preferences. Here below, you’ll find the most common and reliable carpet sanitising methods: Continue reading

Stain Removal – A Challenge During Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery stain removalIf you are one of those assiduous housekeepers, you have already tried upholstery cleaning on your own. Actually, it’s a very hard task to be performed all by yourself. The reason is that there are many different types of fabrics and lots of substances, that may form a persistent stain.

Even if you’re very careful every time when you use your sofa, armchair or dining chairs, it’s impossible to prevent all the spillages. Continue reading