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5 Things You Should Not Do To Your Carpets

carpet maintenance tipsBelieve it or not, ensuring your carpet’s impeccable condition doesn`t require great efforts. A lot of people think it is a high-maintenance object. Actually, in order to keep it clean, you should not do such demanding tasks. However, it still needs some care – it should be treated with respect. Yet, there are some things you should certainly not do to your carpet. Read on to see how to keep it beautifully looking. Continue reading

5 Things You Did Not Know About Carpet Cleaning

What you don`t know about carpet cleaningCarpets play an important part of the great appearance of every room. Interior designers pay special attention to the carpets for a reason. A well-chosen carpet can make every living room lively and welcoming. However, carpets require regular care. Many people believe that the weekly hovering is enough but in point of fact, it is a small part of everything you need to do. Below, you will find some interesting facts, related to carpet maintenance. Some of them might seem ridiculous to you but they are actually foolproof methods for prolonging the lifespan of the carpet. Continue reading

Upcoming Party? Protect Your Carpet Before That!

Upcoming partyParties at home can be marvellous – especially if you are kind enough to prepare a gorgeous meal course full of amazing specialities – with all that dips, dressings and sauces – as well as with tasty cocktails and drinks. However, all of these – plus the hot emotions and the accidents caused by drinking, dancing or having fun – may be bad factors for your carpet maintenance. Indeed, a party is a big threat for your home rugs. So, in case upcoming party is on your week agenda list, protect your carpet in advance. See how to do it: Continue reading

Top Tips for tenants – Keeping The Carpets Clean And Fresh

Keeping the carpets clean and freshTenant life could be easy, stress-free and wonderful if you follow some specific rules and show a good behaviour. Mainly, a landlord wants nothing else but keeping his property in a decent and proper condition. Of course, the hygiene is a top factor to achieve this task! What gathers dirtiness and dust at most in a house is the rug, so pay some special attention to it, when you live on rent. See our top tips for tenants that will help you keep the carpets clean and fresh: Continue reading

How To Pay Less For A High-Quality Carpet

Pay less for a high quality carpetThe beautiful house is like the beautifully arranged meal – it has to look good and make you want to try. The taste afterwards, however, depends largely on the ingredients and the scent of herbs and spices. To personalise one’s house and leave a trace, you need to make the final touch by yourself.

Today’s fashion trends dictate modules furniture consisting of several parts and spacious rooms; neat, ordered and functional. One touch, one hint, one caprice could change the whole atmosphere. One of the accessories that give a cosy scent to every room is the carpet. Continue reading

Basic Rules When Choosing A Carpet

Choosing a carpetAre you bored with the dull standard carpets you see in every home? No matter the colour and the texture, from one moment on, they start losing their identity and become just floor cover. The rugs are very important for a room. They give it “base”, so choose one big piece or a couple of small ones, similar or different, to give a unique sense to the room. They also protect the floors and give warmth in the winter. Check out our advice when it comes to carpets: Continue reading

Can Water Make Stains On Your Carpet?

Water stains on carpetIt is undisputable fact that water is the most qualitative and necessary resource on the planet. It is also well-known that water is something we cannot live without and something that is beneficial for almost all kinds of stuff we do every day – including cleaning at home. However, you may not know, but sometimes water can be harmless. Furthermore – water can make stains on your carpet. Did you know that? Are you aware that the base of your best cleansing solutions is actually a dirt-maker? Yes, as a matter of fact, you have to be very attentive about water and about applying it on the carpet. See more information in details about this extraordinary fact: Continue reading