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Common Mistakes While Decorating And How To Avoid Them

How To Avoid Decoration MistakesNot being a professional interior decorator means that these mistakes are likely to happen at your home. However, no one would judge you – sometimes we are confused and don’t have  clear idea in our heads which may result in some shameful, yet hilarious outcomes. But don’t worry – once you are aware of the most common decorating mistakes you won’t commit them again. Continue reading

Basic Rules When Choosing A Carpet

Choosing a carpetAre you bored with the dull standard carpets you see in every home? No matter the colour and the texture, from one moment on, they start losing their identity and become just floor cover. The rugs are very important for a room. They give it “base”, so choose one big piece or a couple of small ones, similar or different, to give a unique sense to the room. They also protect the floors and give warmth in the winter. Check out our advice when it comes to carpets: Continue reading

6 Wonderful Carpet Ideas For Your Home

Carpet ideasDon’t spoil your mood, but cheer up with our brilliant tips, when it comes the time to choosing a carpet. You cannot even imagine how amazing your house or a single room might become with a single rug or even a doormat. Simply, get inspired by the following 6 wonderful carpet ideas for your home and make it more welcoming and stylish:

  • Get an extra bright colour. Even if the rug has no decoration or pattern, if it is in wine red, fuchsia, purple or reseda, any bedroom or living room will become more attractive and fascinating. Browse the web for woollen carpets and check out the latest fashion trends in carpet nuances.

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