Which Items You Must Keep Out Of The Trash Can?

not put these items in trashThere are certain items which should not be disposed in the regular way! That means you must keep them out of your trash can in any case!

If you are not sure what exactly we are talking about, then check out our list:

  • Batteries– because of their small size, it may seem fine to you to throw them in the trash. However, they contain metals such as nickel, alkaline, cadmium and zinc, so you should not mix them with the rest of the items for recycling. Bring the batteries to retail stores which provide battery recycling programs. The other option for you is your local HHW centre.
  • CFL light bulbs – they are definitely an economical and eco-friendly decision for your home. When their last day has come, do not toss them in the dumpster. Take the useless light bulbs to the local HHW facility instead.
  • Electronics – no matter if it comes to your old TV set, DVD player or laptop, your trash can is not the right place for any of them. You must bring these items to a special e-waste centre. You can even ask your local London end of tenancy cleaners for a reliable recommendation.
  • Smoke detectors – you have to replace them every ten years. After some time, ionisation smoke detectors could become a source of light radiation which is dangerous for health. If you have decided to get rid of them, you’d better send them back to their manufacturer. Photoelectric smoke detectors could be disposed at any centre for recycling of electronics.
  • Paint – if you have recently made repairs at home, then you may have some excessive amount of paint. There are also probably some stains around – you may have to run additional carpet cleaning as well! Remember that water-based paints are not harmful to the environment, so you can throw them in your trash bin. On the other hand, oil-based paints contain a number of chemicals and should be taken to your local HHW centre.

Most cities have HHW facilities – make sure you know their location! So, the next time you have to throw away any of the items written above, you will not waste a single moment wondering!

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