Who doesn't like to relax on their sofa after a long day at work? Unfortunately, this beloved piece of furniture is a favourite place not only for your family but for dust mites and bacteria as well. It is exposed to a lot of dirt, grimes and it also gets contaminated by various external factors. Many homeowners get their sofas cleaned when there are stains on the fabric but more important is the hygienic aspect. Preserving the good condition of your furniture and keeping it in an immaculate state free of germs and other microorganisms is achievable now that you can rely on Cleaning Carpet London. Our company takes pride in delivering high-quality sofa cleaning services in London and Greater London at competitive prices. You are promised to get outstanding results – your sofa will look brand new again!

How Is the Process Carried Out?

  • Our technicians will examine the fibre-type, construction and backing materials to determine an appropriate method of sanitation. We provide both steam and dry cleaning so rest assured that we will choose the better alternative.
  • Any stains and spots will be pre-treated with a suitable cleaning agent to ensure their complete removal.
  • According to the nature of the fabric, our team will proceed to dry or steam cleaning method.
  • If the material is water-sensitive, a dry compound similar to bran is rubbed into the fabrics. Then a powerful vacuum cleaner will collect the loosened dirt and grimes leaving the surface freshened and functional right away.
  • For sofas made of synthetic fibres, our technicians use steam cleaning method. The accumulated dirt and bacteria are extracted with the help of a powerful hot-water-extraction machine and a strong non-toxic detergent. In a couple of hours, your sofa will be fully dry.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather sofas bring a unique touch to any residential premises and provide incredible durability. If maintained properly, they have 10-15 years of a lifespan which makes them a very smart investment. Leather resists stains and mildew and along with that is very easy to clean. In order to provide it with the necessary maintenance, it can only improve its looks with age. Cleaning Carpet London offers you a service that will answer the needs of your elegant furniture – professional leather sofa cleaning is the best way to ensure that your couch will serve you for the years to come. Our technicians carry out the process manually and apply a special detergent that efficiently sanitises and moisturises the leather.

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